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No 2 Jalan Pusat Perniagaan Falim

Tel: 05-2850592

Number of Parking Bays


Available Lots
Mall Info Total Lots Availability
Shoplots 32
Foodcourt 6
Promotion Space 12
Total 50


Electrical, Telecommunication & IT Products
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
G11 & G11A Digi Digi products & Accessories
G12 & G12A OPPO Handphone & Accessories
G16A U Mobile Umobile products
G2A VIVO Handphone Accessories
G7A Hotlink Handphone
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
G8,G8A,G9,G9A,G10,G10A XES Footwear
Food & Beverages
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
G14A Joe's Delight Cup corn, waffle,kaya ball,popcorn,bubble tea, cut fruits and can drinks
G17A Cattleya Cool Cool Drinks
Food Court
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
Uncle Jack Fried Chicken, Ice cream & Pizza Yolo
FC1 Western Food Western Food
FC2 Hot Plate Hotplate Mee & Claypot
FC3 Chicken Rice Fried Rice & Chicken Rice
FC4 Drink Counter Variety of Drinks
FC5 Thai Food Fried Rice & Noodles
FC6 Rojak Mamak Rojak, Cendol & Mee
Jewelleries, Optical & Watches
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
G6 & G6A Zenone Optical Optical Shop
Lot No. Trade Name Products/Serviecs
G13 & G13A Tan Ngan Lo Herbal Tea
G15A Cuckoo Cuckoo Water Dispenser Products
G3A & G4A Gintell Rest n Go massage chair
G7 Home Safari Pet Shop


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